I’m Máté. Over the last 25 years, many people asked many times why and how I became a hairdresser.

The story began when I was a child. I was born into a very well-known family of hairdressers; my mother and stepfather were also hairdressers. They owned one of the coolest salons in my hometown at the time.

I was fascinated from a very young age by the kind of transformation that begins when a lady with shapeless, colorless, and dull hair walks into the salon. The magic starts almost instantly. It is beautiful to see how a woman regains her femininity with a new color or shape. After all, let’s confess, hair is the crown of our head. (You all know those bad hair days.)

And the spell continues until the lady, transformed into a queen, leaves the Salon. At this point, I was over already many hugs, love, and sweets since I was the cute baby boy of the owner.

It is my motivation for becoming a hairdresser.

The other part of my story is that I always knew I wanted to deal with people. I love being among people, being part of their lives, situations that are real.

I have worked in many shops, from big hairdressing chains (Hajas, Sanrizz, Tony and Guy) to smaller independent places (Hairclub, Hairbox, etc.). From Budapest to Dortmund, from London to Malta. I took part in photoshoots for magazines, worked in fashion shows, commercials, fashion weeks. As I got older, I realized that salon work was always what I enjoyed the most. The reason is its authenticity.

I keep training myself, as long as I could face-to-face and online since last year.

Over the past year, it has become clear that our usual world is changing. Online space also gives me new opportunities. I want to pass on my experience to you on how to, with a few small changes in your everyday hair routine, you too are one of those queens.